Year-End Overview of How Tax Reform Affects Business Taxes

Overview of Key Changes to Business Taxation Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Two of the most visible features of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, now passed by Congress and expected to be quickly signed into law by President Donald Trump, are the large...

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50 Years since the 1963 Equal Pay Act was signed into law.

Written by Roman Katz, Edited by Harold B. Peterson, Jr.  It has been more than 50 years since the 1963 Equal Pay Act was signed into law. Yet, according to the 2014 US Census Bureau, a woman today makes, on average, 79 cents to every dollar a man...

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Planning for Tomorrow: Importance of Proper Estate Preparation

One of our accounting partners has a client whose father (in his late 80s) owned Manhattan real estate with an approximate value of $18M. Nearly all of his net worth was tied up in this property, which therefore presented the issue of how to cover...

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In The News  |  By Ladidas Lumpkins, CPA, JD, LL.M.

Overview of Domestic and Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

Having worked hard to secure a sound financial future for themselves and their loved ones, many individuals are motivated to protect their hard-earned assets from creditors. That’s especially true for high-income professionals and high-net-worth...

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