Focusing on Your Finances

End the Summer, Prepared for Fall In our last week of summer it is important to prepare yourself and your finances for the year ahead. Summer is great, shorter work weeks, weekends spent on the golf course and relaxing by the pool. But once those...

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Cyber Crime

Identity Fraud is on the Rise In the technological age, we do everything online, from buying groceries to doing our taxes. Although the internet makes our lives easier, and no one can argue the fact that doing your taxes from the comfort of your bed...

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Trusts & Estates  |  By Mark J. Ackerman, CPA, TEP, AEP

Estate Planning Considerations Based on Generational Differences

Differences Between the Generations By: Mark Ackerman, CPA When we preform estate financial and asset protection, it is important to take into consideration generational differences. Each generation has unique characteristics. They tend to shape the...

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Held Ransom by Your Email Remember when Bruce Willis starred in “Hostage”? Well if you don’t, let me tell you about it. The main character that Willis plays is a hostage negotiator for the L.A Police. During the movie, one of his negotiations...

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