Tax  |  By Robert Crowley, CPA

The Taxation of Income from Cryptocurrencies in Various Jurisdictions — USA

Recently, we have seen a growth in the sale or exchange of cryptocurrency, or the use of cryptocurrency to pay for goods or services. Unfortunately, guidance from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) pertaining to related US income tax issues has not...

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Tax  |  By Joseph Cain, CPA

IRS Clarifies 199A Section of Tax Law, Provides Safe Harbor and a 20% Deduction To Rental Real Estate Enterprises

If you own rental real estate, the fact that the IRS just issued Notice 2019-7, which clarifies Section 199A of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 could work to your benefit. The clarification will help in determining whether a rental real estate...

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In The News  |  By Ali A. Nomani

Cross-Border Employee

While people move to and from the U.S. for various personal reasons, a major reason for relocation is employment. Therefore, it is important to understand employment taxes when relocating to or from the U.S, specifically U.S. Social Security, also...

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Trusts & Estates  |  By Michael J. Moss, CPA, JD

65 Days Can Make All the Difference

Trusts and Estates: Should You Make the Election?Trust and estate fiduciaries, take note: you still have time to improve your 2018 tax position. The U.S. Tax Code gives fiduciaries of trusts and estates the option to make additional distributions to...

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