Case Study - Anson and US LLCS Sour Grapes and Solutions

The tax treatment of UK tax residents on income from US Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) continues to be a source of concern for many advisers. The short end of the stick is that providing the income always belonged to the LLC members then HMRC...

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UK Insights Homepage

Read our latest UK articles, insights and newsletters to get an inside look at Prager Metis. Indian Bank Interest, When is it Truly Tax Free? - 26-9-2017 Briefing Notes - Charitable Giving: The New Rules - 03-04-17 "Case Study-Anson and US LLCS Sour...

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Briefing Notes #2 - Media Entertainment Updates

In this issue we cover five topics; Tax averaging for artists/composers Central Withholding Agreements in USA Foreign Entertainers Unit and Tax Returns VAT On Carnet services Digital supplies to UK and VAT Tax averaging and new artist/composer...

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Briefing Notes #1 Touring the USA

This is a general briefing guide to some of the problems that can be encountered when touring the USA in particular the US Centralised Withholding Agreement (CWA) arrangement for managers of UK acts who intend to tour the USA. It is a practical guide...

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