Tax  |  By Jerry Eitel, CPA

Practical Considerations Regarding Section 199A of the New US Tax Law

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by the US Congress on 17 December 2017, includes Section 199A, a provision that can afford pass-through businesses a 20% deduction of:  Qualified business income (QBI) from a domestic qualified trade or business...

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International Services  |  By Ladidas Lumpkins, CPA, JD, LL.M.

US Tax Compliance for Foreign Trusts: A Primer

A threshold question in determining how a trust will be taxed in the US is whether the trust is foreign or domestic. The default rule is that a trust is foreign, unless the trust fails both the “Court Test” and the “Control Test.” The Court...

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Tax  |  By Fernando R. Lopez, JD, MBA

Tax Planning Under the New US Tax Reform

The US Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed on 17 December 2017, has dramatically changed the analysis and available strategies for structuring cross-border operations. Meaning, to realise tax optimisation, business owners must be aware of those changes....

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Preparing for Changes at the UK Border After a No Deal EU Exit

By: Dandan Li, Assistant Tax ManagerSummarised below is our understanding of the changes and necessary steps which may be required to be undertaken for UK businesses trading within the EU in the event of a No Deal EU Exit. We have principally focused...

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