As a technology company, you are always looking to push boundaries. At Prager Metis, we understand this and will offer strategic insight and knowledge to help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Your Prager Metis team will look beyond the realm of traditional accounting to help you benefit from unique tax situations, including research-and-development tax incentives, and advise you on how to maximize benefits from research-and-development expenditures.

Services Include:

Audit and Accounting

  •  Audited financial statements which can be relied on by investors and creditors
  •  Compilation and review services
  •  Management reports;  finding operating efficiencies; suggestions for better controls and best practices
  • Cash flow projections and operating budgets 
  • Contract and claims evaluation


Tax Compliance and Consulting

  • Proactive tax planning
  • Tax preparation and filing
  • Sales and use tax compliance and analysis
  • Business succession
  • Cost segregation studies 
  • Research and Development tax credit


International Services

  • International tax planning and structuring
  • Foreign earnings and profit analysis
  • International tax treaty analysis and filing requirements
  • International tax withholding analysis and filing requirements
  •  International customs and duties planning and compliance
  • Direct and indirect foreign tax credit analysis
  • Cross-border merger and acquisitions
  • Corporate organization and restructuring for US operations 


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Peter J. Scalise
Director & Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practice Leader
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