Understanding Business Valuation

Understanding Business Valuation For most entrepreneurs their business is the largest asset that they own.  Further most entrepreneurs have built their company with an eye towards and eventual sale and retirement.  Given these facts, a successful...

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Spousal Benefits of Social Security

Spousal Benefits of Social Security There are many things we should know about Social Security.  While the following is written from the perspective of a wife earning less than her spouse, the information here is the same for husbands who earn less...

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Pre-Planning Elder Care: Are You Prepared

Typically, people do not begin to consider their long-term care until they are well into retirement. In today’s economic environment, it is essential to create and implement an elder care plan in your early 60s to ensure you take advantage of...

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Simple Steps to Prevent Fraud

Set up Important Internal Controls Separate duties of receiving funds, disbursing funds, writing checks, signing checks, and the reconciling of bank accounts. Having one employee responsible for all cash related functions makes small businesses...

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