Pre-Planning Elder Care: Are You Prepared

Typically, people do not begin to consider their long-term care until they are well into retirement. In today’s economic environment, it is essential to create and implement an elder care plan in your early 60s to ensure you take advantage of...

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Simple Steps to Prevent Fraud

Set up Important Internal Controls Separate duties of receiving funds, disbursing funds, writing checks, signing checks, and the reconciling of bank accounts. Having one employee responsible for all cash related functions makes small businesses...

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Fiduciary Responsibilities of Board Members

Board Members of CIRAs (Common Interest Real Estate Associations) have two basic fiduciary duties: the duty of care and of loyalty to the association itself and its members/shareholders.  Directors must refrain from self-dealing and receiving...

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Trusts & Estates  |  By Mark J. Ackerman, CPA, TEP, AEP

Estate Planning: Lifestyle Protection

When we retire, we vision a life of freedom and stress from work, but also, freedom from debt. By estate planning, in terms of lifestyle protection, you can achieve this. Unfortunately, a debt free retirement has become less of a reality. Two thirds...

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