Trusts & Estates  |  By Mark J. Ackerman, CPA, TEP, AEP

Estate Planning: Lifestyle Protection

When we retire, we vision a life of freedom and stress from work, but also, freedom from debt. By estate planning, in terms of lifestyle protection, you can achieve this. Unfortunately, a debt free retirement has become less of a reality. Two thirds...

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Vacation Expenses as Tax Deductions

Often times, clients ask us the right (and legal) way to write off vacation expenses as tax deductions. We’ve compiled a few tips to make sure you are complying with the IRS Establish business appointments with business colleagues prior to your...

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State & Local Tax (SALT)  |  By Chris Vignone, MBA

News From the SALT Minds - Feb 5, 2015

Summary. New York released bulletin TSB-M-14(5)c, (7)1,(17)S establishing guidelines for the treatment of convertible virtual currency (CVC) as it pertains to sales, corporation and personal income tax. Background.  With the IRS releasing...

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Tangible Property Regulations

Tangible Property Regulations: Accounting Method Change Guidance The Internal Revenue Service and Treasury recently issued final tangible property “repair” regulations and disposition regulations (“Regulations”). These broad Regulations will...

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