Real Estate  |  By Woody Goldstein, CPA

Protect Your Community with a Disaster Plan

Protect the Innocent from the Uncontrollable By: Woody Goldstein, CPA As the summer has drawn to a close and the leaves have started to transition into their magnificent annual fall colors, our thoughts invariably turn to the completion of the...

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Travel on Business or Pleasure

Travel With a Peace of Mind Going on vacation or a business trip is something we all look forward to, the planning the packing the mental checklist of: passport ticket did you stop the mail etc. All that eventually leading to the relaxing carefree...

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Focusing on Your Finances

End the Summer, Prepared for Fall In our last week of summer it is important to prepare yourself and your finances for the year ahead. Summer is great, shorter work weeks, weekends spent on the golf course and relaxing by the pool. But once those...

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Cyber Crime

Identity Fraud is on the Rise In the technological age, we do everything online, from buying groceries to doing our taxes. Although the internet makes our lives easier, and no one can argue the fact that doing your taxes from the comfort of your bed...

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