Trusts & Estates  |  By Mark J. Ackerman, CPA, TEP, AEP

Estate Planning: The Role of the Executor

Wills are typically read days after a death, which is typically too late to help people who must make immediate decisions. The best way to ensure your wishes are carried out is to create a separate document spelling out your requests. Tell your...

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Estate Planning: Not Just for the Elderly

In today’s world, estate planning is not just for the elderly. You need to be prepared for any future scenario. While it might seem like a bother and inconvenience now, from my experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of preparing an...

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Estate Planning: Tax Saving Opportunities

Besides protecting your family from financial hardship, life insurance also can be an estate-planning tool to transfer large sums to your loved ones free of estate tax and at little or no gift tax cost. This can be done using a life insurance trust....

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Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s tragic death offers a lesson in estate planning mistakes to avoid. He left an estate reportedly worth $35 million to the mother of his three children, but due to improper planning she is likely to face a...

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