In The News  |  By Sattie D. Ramsaywack, CPA

Family Office Services for High Net Worth Clients

It’s no surprise that booming domestic and global equity markets, strong corporate profits and the prospect of a major reduction in U.S. business and personal tax rates are all contributing to a rise in personal wealth. In fact, the global total of...

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In The News  |  By Simon Winters, FCA

Simon Winters Featured in a Music Week, December 15th 2017

Simon Winters was featured in a Music Week article. The article is entitled "Cutting corners on your professional advisors is a false economy": Why Accountants Matter More Than Ever to the Biz. Read more here.

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Year-End Overview of How Tax Reform Affects Business Taxes

Overview of Key Changes to Business Taxation Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Two of the most visible features of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, now passed by Congress and expected to be quickly signed into law by President Donald Trump, are the large...

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In The News  |  By Ladidas Lumpkins, CPA, JD, LL.M.

Overview of Domestic and Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

Having worked hard to secure a sound financial future for themselves and their loved ones, many individuals are motivated to protect their hard-earned assets from creditors. That’s especially true for high-income professionals and high-net-worth...

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