|  By Joseph D. Zarkowski, CPA

Not Just Europe: New EU Data Protection Regulations Can Affect U.S. Businesses

By: Joseph D. Zarkowski, CPA While the European Union (EU) just began active enforcement of a sweeping new data privacy regime, that news generated far less visibility in the United States, largely because many people assume that their business or...

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 |  By Stuart H. Mayer, CPA

Blockchain in the Fashion Industry

  Blockchain in the Fashion Industry   More often than not, the term that we associate with the word “blockchain” is “Bitcoin.” And while it’s true that blockchain technology was initially created to account for cryptocurrency...

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Events  |  By Lewis Stark, CPA, CFE

Lewis Stark to Speak at the Licensing Expo 2018

  Lewis Stark, a Partner in the Royalty Audit & Contract Compliance Department of Prager Metis CPAs, LLC, will be speaking at the Licensing Expo 2018. The title of the presentation is: "Avoid Big Mistakes in Your Licensing Agreements – A...

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In The News  |  By Andrea Fantozzi, CPA, CGMA, CM&AA

Andrea Fantozzi to Present at the Confindustria: UNITED STATES - The Benefits of Tax Reform in the US and the New Policies of American Immigration

Andrea Fantozzi, a Partner and Director at the Italian Desk in the International Department of Prager Metis CPAs, LLC, a member of Prager Metis International Group will be speaking at the 1Confindustria. He will introduce to business owners/ CFO and...

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