I was very proud to serve as an expert on the Blurred Lines copyright infringement case. The outcome will impact the music industry for years to come.
Bruce Kolbrenner, CPA Partner, Los Angeles
I have a commitment to provide every client with both sound advice and outstanding personal service.
Chris Vignone, MBA Principal, New York-Westchester
I am so proud of our International Services Group. The level of expertise and global presence is unmatched.
Andrea Fantozzi, CPA, CGMA, CM&AA Partner, New York City-East
We believe in personal service and always being there for the client.
John Barka, CPA Partner, New York City-West
At Prager Metis we strongly believe in collaboration both with our clients and our team. No one is a silo.
David Neste, CPA, MBA, CGMA Co-Managing Partner, New York City-East
I want to help make my clients quality of life better.
Steven Topal, CPA, JD Partner, New York City-West

Your world. Worth more.

Clients come to Prager Metis for the advice and expertise that protects and grows the value of their world — whether that world is local or extends across international markets.

By combining the close partner relationships of a mid-market firm with the experience of a multi-office practice with international reach, Prager Metis makes your world worth more.


  • Advisory
    At Prager Metis we understand that you need more than just number crunching and reports. Our advisory services experts offer a variety of services that will help enhance your future.
  • Audit & Accounting
    With increasing demand on transparency you need a professional team who knows the regulations and knows your firm. Prager Metis’ audit and accounting professionals provide more than financial protection.
  • International
    Multinational businesses, investors, and families have special tax challenges and risks, whether based inside or outside of the United States or the United Kingdom.
  • Tax Services
    Any accounting firm can prepare your tax returns, but at Prager Metis we believe in taking the time to know our clients and understand their specific needs.

Ask a Partner

The most important thing in any tax firm relationship is access to the right partner.
Ask a question about a particular issue, and we'll have the right partner provide you with some initial guidance.

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